Pen and ink sketch books

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pen and ink sketch books

10 Best Sketchbook For Pen and Ink Drawings | Inktober Sketchbooks

Artists have a wealth of tools at their disposal to create amazing and magical art pieces. One of our favorite surfaces is the sketchbook because of its portability and convenience, not to mention it keeps all your art in one place. Sketchbooks come in all sorts of sizes, paper weights, bindings, and more. Sketchbooks also range in size and number of pages. Small pocket sketchbooks are nice for carrying around with you, while larger sketchbooks give artists a bigger canvas to be creative with. Sketchbooks with fewer pages are also easier to carry, but some artists prefer having as much paper as possible in their sketchbooks. For artists who keep sketchbooks as part of a portfolio, a hard cover can lengthen the lifespan of a sketchbook.
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My INK ONLY Sketchbook + Inktober 2017

Sketchbooks for Ink and (light) wash

Anyone who has followed my blog for a little while will know that I am a big fan of the sketchbooks by Stillman and Brin and Moleskine. Read more on my sketchbook page. What other options are there? For those that have signed up to my SketchingNow courses these will all be good options. This is the start of the list — I would like to expand and make this more of a resource down the track but at the moment I am interested in getting your feedback on what you use. Wish they would tell us the gsm! Strathmore- Mixed media Seems to be very popular.

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Before You Go!!!

If you are an art enthusiast, this article will be of mighty use. It carries a compiled list of good quality and affordable sketchbooks, you could purchase for all your artistic endeavors. Drawing and paintings are made in different forms, and one of the types is with ink. While using products which bleed easily and is prone to staining, you need to make sure that the paper quality you are using for the drawing is excellent and durable. Keeping in mind various factors, here is a list of best sketchbook for Ink, which not only look good but are excellent for your artwork! Trusted by various artists and professionals, this sketchbook is useful for all the right reasons.

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