Childrens books about sorting and classifying

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childrens books about sorting and classifying

30 Ideas to Practice Classification for Kids | Inspiration Laboratories

Math is a difficult subject for many children, so difficult in fact that many children claim they hate math! One way to pique interest in math and to help solidify math skills is to use picture books to help explain mathematical concepts. This post includes 72 of the very best math picture books for kids. But I have to admit, this was not always the case. As a kid, I struggled in math.
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Sorting and Matching Games - Learn Sorting by Size for Preschool & Kindergarten - Kids Academy

There are so many great books for teaching math concepts in preschool and kindergarten, the problem is finding good ones! Here are more than 60 of my favorite books that can be used to introduce basic math concepts to young children. I compiled this list so you can easily find good books to support math concepts at home or in your classroom, I bet your local library has many of these titles!

72 of the Best Math Picture Books for Kids

Children have a natural desire to make sense of their world. A world that often feels out of control to them. So, it makes perfect sense that preschoolers are naturally drawn to sorting activities. They make matches and categorize as a means to bring organization to what they know. Believe it or not, sorting skills start developing in infancy.

I strongly believe in the importance of integrating books and literature into any science unit. By having a selection of both fiction and nonfiction books available for kids related to the subject being taught, children have an accessible resource they can go to at any time to build on their learning. The book set helps them discover new information, fosters a love of learning, and helps them build connections among various texts and with the world around them. Many of these books also make great read alouds! You might be surprised which books your child relates to- even if they are not in the suggested age range.

As I have talked about before classification is an important science skill. Classifying is organizing things into groups — sorting if you will. There are lots of ways to practice classification and sorting skills with kids. Explore the links below and gather some new ideas. This post has information on the importance of classification and talks about how to set up an invitation to sort with objects around the house. Choose similar characteristics to classify objects — shape, size, type, etc.

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  1. Sorting things into categories is one of the ways mathematics enters into our daily life.

  2. These math picture books for kids make math interesting and approachable. SORTING FREEBIE Math Sorting Activities, Sorting Kindergarten, Teaching Math, .

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