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young and dangerous comic book

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The series was unsuccessfully rebooted with Young and Dangerous: Reloaded The comic series has proven to be very popular and is still ongoing to this day. I will try to cover every entry in the series including the spinoffs although a couple of them could be considered unofficial. Uncle Bee appoints Ho Nam and his gang to carry out the hit. From this it is up to Ho Nam to get revenge on Kwan and clear his name. Young and Dangerous proved to be a very different Hong Kong gangster film than what audiences were perhaps used to, and is a polar opposite from the glossy A Better Tomorrow , which was only a decade before this.
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[FullMovie-720] Young and Dangerous 3, 古惑仔之隻手遮天, Goo waak zai 3: Jek sau je tin 1996

The Young and Dangerous film series is a collection of Hong Kong films about a group of triad young members, detailing their adventures, dangers and growth in a Hong Kong triad society. The series is based on a popular comic book series known as "Teddy Boy".

Long-Running Chinese Comic Book TEDDY BOY Gets North American Film Adaptation - Report

Based on a popular comic book series named "Teddy Boy", the film contributed a lot to the public image of triads and was condemned by certain quarters as glorifying secret triad societies. However, it was immensely popular in Hong Kong and spun a long list of sequels and spin-offs. Its main actors and actresses have also become major stars in their own right. Tania Sammy carjack Ho Nam's Toyota MR2 and demands payment, but unfortunately she gets caught by Ho Nam and his friends and is punished by eating dozens of Chinese barbecue pork buns. Seeing Ho Nam is making a name for himself in the society, Kwan attempts to buy him out and have Ho Nam work for him instead of Bee, but the gangster refuses.

Young and Dangerous is a movie based on the comic book Teddy Boy. It tells the life of gangsters in the Hong Kong area. Lau began his movie career in the s, serving as a cinematographer to filmmakers such as Wong Jing, Ringo Lam, and Wong Kar-wai. After he accumulates experience in filmmaking, he decides to become a film director and producer. Young and Dangerous is one of the best series he ever produced. Young and Dangerous is a movie about the Hong Kong triad societies. Ten years later, they are all grown up and powerful in the society.

By Andreas Wiseman. Lau and his producing partner Andrew Loo will be producing for Initial A. Lau is not directing. The project will be developed with an eye towards a feature film or an episodic series and Gangs Of London outfit Pulse is now out to writers and filmmakers with the intriguing material. The deal was done with Chinese publisher Concord Publishing. The celebrated series explores loyalty, brotherhood, politics and corruption as well as the intergenerational conflicts and power struggles within the underground organized crime group.

Based on a popular comic book series named "Teddy Boy", the film contributed a lot to the public image of triads and was condemned by certain quarters as glorifying secret triad societies.
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Originating from Hong Kong back , Young and Dangerous Teddy Boy to Western audiences began as a series of comics written by Dickey Yau and Cowman, that tells the story of a group of young triad members and their journey of growth, danger and action in the Hong Kong triad society with a heavy focus on gang loyalty and brotherhood. The comics were incredibly popular in Hong Kong and have generated multiple movies and spin offs along with video game adaptations retelling the tales of Chan Ho Nam, "Mountain Chicken" Chiu, Tai Tin Yee and others as enforcers for the Hung Hing Society triad. And now the series will be releasing it's very own mobile game. The game features turn-based strategy gameplay and players will get to form their own gang or party made up of well known characters in the series, each with their class types like Attacker, Defender, Healer and more. The game also comes with PvP features where you can team up with other players and go head-to-head with other gangs for control over the 12 areas of Hong Kong and ultimately to reign supreme as the the true Big Boss of Hong Kong. Young and Dangerous V: Huang Hing Rise is already available in several countries for more info, be sure to check out their Official website or Facebook page. Young And Dangerous.



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  1. Young and Dangerous is a Hong Kong crime film about a group of triad members, Based on a popular comic book series named "Teddy Boy", the film .

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