Oil and gas economics books

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oil and gas economics books

Economic Petroleum Books from Brown Technical

Add to Cart. This book examines the economics of the entire value chain of the oil and gas industry, from exploration, development and production, to transportation, refining and marketing. At each stage, the key economic costs, considerations and appropriate business strategies are explored in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the petroleum industry. The book examines some of the unique economic challenges the industry faces, including negotiating international contracts with host countries to gain access to hydrocarbons , managing the risks of recovery, implementing cross-border pipelines, dealing with huge variations in the taxation of refined products, and reacting to the effect of price control and subsidization in the OPEC nations which can create massive volatility in pricing. In addition, the search for low-carbon fuels, the impact of shale gas, the prospect of finite reserves, and the global political realities of the competing demands of oil importing and oil exporting countries make the sector high risk, but the economic rewards can be huge.
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Breakdown of gas prices - Supply, demand, and market equilibrium - Microeconomics - Khan Academy

The Economics of Oil

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This book examines the ways that oil economics will impact the rapidly changing global economy, and the oil industry itself, over the coming decades. The predictions of peak oil were both right and wrong. Oil production has been constrained in relation to demand for the past decade, with a resulting four-fold increase in the oil price slowing the entire global economy. The high oil price has also engendered massive exploration investments, but remaining hydrocarbon stocks generally offer poor returns in energy the energy return on investment or EROI and financial terms, and no longer replace the reserves being produced. As a result, the economically powerful oil companies are under great pressure, both financially and politically, as oil remains the backbone of the global economy.

Russian brawl: Russian oligarch Vladimir Yevtushenkov falls from grace, again. Data drilling: Oil struggles to enter the digital age. The oil boyar: Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft, is powerful as never before. Russian oil king, former aide to Vladimir Putin, and friend of Rex Tillerson. An Ivan for an Igor: Glencore stuns the oil-trading business with a deal to take a big stake in Rosneft. On the oil wagon: A tricky time for oil producers.

The Adobe Digital Edition eBook cannot be returned. Introduction to Petroleum Economics is about the process of gathering project data, calculating whether a project should proceed and delivering recommendations. It discusses the science of petroleum economics, starting from square-one, the tools of the trade that petroleum economists use, day in and day out, and also its application. Along the way the author relates some helpful and informative anecdotes based on his almost twenty-year career as a petroleum economist. Vital for all oil professionals as well as students, Introduction to Petroleum Economics unravels the decision-making behind why a petroleum project moves ahead or ends. Events Calendar.

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This book explains how to apply economic analysis to the evaluation of engineering challenges in the petroleum industry. Discussion progresses from an introduction to the industry, through principles and techniques of engineering economics, to the application of economic methods. Packed with real-world examples and case studies demonstrating how to calculate rate of return, discounted cash flow, payout period, and more, Petroleum Economics and Engineering, Third Edition assists petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, production workers, management, and executives in sound economic decision-making regarding the design, manufacture, and operation of oil and gas plants, equipment, and processes. The fully revised third edition is updated to reflect key advancements in petroleum technology and expanded to include chapters on middle stream operations, known as surface petroleum operations SPO , and natural gas processing and fractionation. By looking globally at the hydrocarbon industry, the improved text offers the reader a more complete picture of the petroleum sector, which includes the global processes of exploration, production, refining, and transportation.

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