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barnes and noble return policy books

Can I buy a book from Barnes & Noble and then return it after reading it? - Quora

Yes, you can. But, as has been mentioned, if you make a habit of it we will notice and we will flag you. When that happens, you will not get your money back, you will get a gift card or will not be allowed to return anything ever again. Make sure you have your receipt and that you are within the return policy time period. No, you cannot return books that you purchased in the 90s and smell like cat piss. Yes, I had people try to return a whole bag of books that had been out of print for who knows how long and they smelled like cat piss and moldy laundry.
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Barnes And Noble Press Hardcover Review: Is This For Real?!

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I walked around, caught my breath, and scoped out a few books which had caught my interest. Then, as I was leaving, I noticed a sign detailing a new return policy. Apparently, the entire chain now only accepts returns within 14 days, and then, only with a receipt. She did tell me about one exception, however — books received as gifts can be returned within 30 days so long as there is a gift receipt. Most bookstores only accept returns that are in new condition — that means the spine must be unbroken, the pages clean, the cover crisp. Forcing someone to have a receipt, even for a book that has been given as a gift, is certainly within the rights of the store, but it seems unnecessary and mean-spirited.

I just received an email that I ordered a book that I did order.
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Although the company could try to curtail the practice, it prefers to keep a lenient return policy to build goodwill with customers. An Amazon representative said only that the practice of buying from Amazon and returning to other stores is "not an honest practice. This issue underscores the belief that retailers with an online and offline presence will take a competitive advantage in the market. Some consumers think twice about making online purchases because of the hassle in packaging and mailing items that need to be returned. As a result, experts say online-only companies such as Amazon may have to seek partnerships with offline retailers to make the return process more convenient. As a result, shoppers often get back more money than what the book was purchased for at the online store.

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  1. Refund and Return Policies Returning Items Bought in Barnes & Noble Stores to pay for return shipping. Shipping charges are non-refundable. • Books.

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