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pageant book and print shop nyc

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In the 's, it took Paul A. Solano a week to stroll the six blocks from Union Square to Astor Place in Manhattan, a corridor of three dozen shops selling used books. Now, Mr. Solano, a bibliophile who started a used bookstore of his own in Morningside Heights, walks the same distance in just 10 minutes, a little more if he stops to reminisce. But even as the passing of Book Row and its era is mourned - Mr.
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Pageant Book & Print, NYC

They began disappearing slowly, one by one, block by block. Some warned of the coming end by posting handwritten apologies and lengthy explanations on their windows, and some just closed their doors, quietly, saying nothing at all. I was twelve when I first experienced one of these places. The shop, where I came to spend Saturday afternoons while my mother learned to channel, overflowed with used paperbacks and smelled of incense mixed with stale cigarettes and aging paper. Two months later, on a crisp December day, my mother announced that she was done with New Age spirituality. She was right. Some were tucked into tiny storefronts between vacant lots, and some sprawled out in grand buildings on Fifth Avenue, but all, despite their architectural differences, were sanctuaries from the frenetic pace of the city—spaces of stillness, escapes.

When the Pageant book and print shop closed its doors on W. Houston Street in , I pretty much gave it up for dead. Solomon and Henry Chafetz, had worked through a number of locations, including a building with robin's-egg-blue window panes on E. The second floor felt like somebody's cluttered attic. Very charming. Very eccentric. The W.

The wife and I had some old friends over for dinner the other night who now live out of state, and the conversation quickly turned -- as it frequently does in our house -- to the physical erosion of culture for lack of a better description caused by the jackbooted march of technology. By this, of course, I'm talking about how the alluring ease and accessibility of purchasing goods and services on the internet has virtually wiped clean the chances of long-term survival for independent, brick n' mortar mom n' pop establishments that sell stuff like, say, music and literature. The predictable retorts about the "brilliant user-friendliness" of Kindles and the convenience the dreaded "c" word of Amazon ensued, but I'm far too stubborn and pig-headed to cop to those arguments. It probably sounds ridiculous, but I still feel pointedly guilty anytime I order something from friggin' Amazon, and usually only resort to that after I've vainly combed the city's comparatively dwindling network of stores for whatever item it is I'm searching for and come up predictably empty-handed. Anyway, blah blah blah, moan moan moan, gripe gripe gripe.

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And that breaks my heart. Two laureates were awarded at the same time due to a scandal last year. These deeply conservative people tend to consider voting as nearly sinful.

In , Sidney B. Marks Place to 14th Street. One of Mr. Nearly seven years later, the siblings are still selling hard-to-find items, though now maps and prints rather than rare books. Shirley: I focus on the unique and affordable. We really have the most affordable antique-prints shop in New York. Those are for uptown dealers.

Pageant Book Shop was founded in by Sidney B. During that time, Mr. Solomon and Mr. After the deaths of Mr. Chafetz and Mr. At that time, the shop moved to West Houston Street and in the summer of , Pageant Books and Prints Shop closed its physical shop and went virtual. Be the first to add a review to the Pageant Book and Print Shop.

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  1. Pageant Book Shop was founded in by Sidney B. Solomon and Henry " Chip" Chafetz as a used and rare book shop in New York City. Pageant had its.

  2. Pageant Book & Print Shop, East 9th Street Barbara Hershey, Woody Allen Milano's New York Homes, Gotham, Times Square, New York City, Maps, .

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