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welsh myths and legends book

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The stories were compiled in Middle Welsh in the 12th—13th centuries from earlier oral traditions. There are two main source manuscripts , created c. The title covers a collection of eleven prose stories of widely different types, offering drama, philosophy, romance, tragedy, fantasy and humour, and created by various narrators over time. There is a classic hero quest, " Culhwch and Olwen "; a historic legend in " Lludd and Llefelys ," complete with glimpses of a far off age; and other tales portray a very different King Arthur from the later popular versions. The highly sophisticated complexity of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi defies categorisation. The stories are so diverse that it has been argued that they are not even a true collection.
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Myths and legends, traditional stories passed down the generations from adult to child, told by the fire or round the table as long as people have gathered to eat, drink, sing or pluck a harp, are really a kind of history. Myth is how people explained the world, long ago, and such stories are often associated with real places. Twenty five years ago, I was commissioned to translate his retelling of 26 traditional stories Lleuad yn Olau One Moonlit Night. This is my top 10 favourite Welsh myths, all contained in this wonderful collection. When I was a child, my father took me to the lake below the Black Mountain in Carmarthenshire, and told me how, long ago, a young man, watching his cattle by the lake, sees a beautiful girl rise from the water. She vanishes, then returns twice more. Each time he asks her to stay.

Wales is a distinctive part of the UK. With its own character, culture and way of life — thousands of years in the making, and continually evolving. Discover Wales' rich culture and history. From world-famous arts to jaw-dropping scenery. It all comes with a legendary warm welcome.

Its wassailing singers indulge in a round of lampooning and, in a merry conclusion, an exchange of ales and cakes. This sleeping dog lies in a beautiful village — depending on who you listen to, it might even have been named after him. She became his devoted wife, but his bad behaviour, legend has it, made her return to the lake. It remains one of the greatest castles in Europe. See his statue in the square of the town where he once played, then head to the Cambrian Mountains to feel the magic he felt. They ran the annual race honouring him in a town where his statue stands. It is, naturally, a record-breaker and the stuff of films, music and books —enjoy the picturesque village, and go landscape for any photos with those signs.

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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Wales has a rich heritage of magical and mystical tales. Here is a selection, including the Mabinogion, Gelert, and profiles of famous bards and writers. What are these? Search term:.

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  2. Welsh Legends and Myths: 80 Myths and Legends from across Wales - Kindle edition by Graham Watkins. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, .

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