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It is the day of the Crowley High Semi-Formal and the gang has a lot on their minds. Unbeknownst to them, Atticus is also there to recruit new minions into his society. Charlotte, the Phantom of Crowley High returns to reclaim Curtis for herself by swapping lives with Hannah. Humiliated by Todd and Curtis, a fellow student traps the gang in a live action version of the videogame, Fisting Fantasy 8. An environmentalist gets ticked off by the littering occurring at the high school and uses the book to turn the school and everyone prehistoric. When the cheerleaders begin vanishing from the school hallways, leaving only the shredded remains of theiruniforms behind, the gang becomes convinced that they've beendevoured by a mysterious creature simply called "The Beast.
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Jason Mewes Talks Todd and the Book of Pure Evil - Fan Expo Canada 2017 Interview

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

Network: Space. Thankfully, one horny teenager stands between the book and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd Smith and he will save their asses whether he wants to or not. It's up to Hannah to save the day when Curtis' ex-girlfriend, the Phantom of Crowley High, returns to play musical mayhem with the Gang's love lives. A day of revelations and danger builds to the ultimate showdown between Todd and Atticus at the Crowley High Semi-Formal.

A teenager must intervene when a sinister book threatens to wreak havoc in his high school. Todd sees what the world would be like without him with the help of a time-traveling paraplegic student. A house party goes awry as Todd and Curtis attempt to lose their virginity. The Phantom of Crowley High resurfaces to meddle in the gang's love lives. Jimmy gets fired for peeping on students, but the real culprit is invisible. The gang face a red knight while trapped in a video game.

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A teenager must intervene when a sinister book threatens to wreak havoc in his high school. To impress a girl, Todd uses a sinister book to transform himself into a heavy-metal hero, which unleashes evil powers on his high school in the premiere of this sitcom series. Todd tries to make Jenny jealous, but his plan backfires amid zombies. A gay student uses the book to turn the school's boys gay, which tests Todd's feelings for Jenny. An obesity epidemic strikes Crowley High, spawning a monster made of human fat.

A few amazing fans have already started their own campaigns. Check out our fan-created page on Change. Or click here to be part of a video campaign to bring Todd Back. Starting March 6th at 10pm, Syfy UK will be premiering season 1 of the series. It going to be a busy month for the book and it all started with Season 1 finally hitting shelves in the U. Americans can grab their copy on Amazon.

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  1. The side effect of this was that he himself got locked inside the school, where he has been living for 16 years.

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