Cut and fold book art patterns

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cut and fold book art patterns

Book folding freebies

I just absolutely love creating my own folded book art. It's such a fun way of re-using old books and give them another purpose. If you're looking for a free pattern, you can get one here. I've searched and searched the web to find any tutorials on how to do it and i just couldn't find anything. Untill one day i found a website called foldedbookartpatterns. On of the patterns they used to have was this little heart sign. For me this was a real good way to get started as it's quite a quick pattern to do and the result still looks great.
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Book Folding Patterns Free - How to fold a cut and fold book folding pattern

You can also download these instructions as a PDF file by clicking here. Whilst it may look difficult and complicated, Cut and Fold book folding is actually very.

Folded Book Art Pattern - Cut & Fold - Fire Department

This blog post was originally going to be about the different types of rulers and why some are better than others for book folding. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that it's the accuarcy that a ruler can help us to achieve that's the important thing here, not the ruler itself. Read on and I'll share what I have learned so far in my quest for the perfect book fold. I must admit to being a bit of a messy worker so clearing my space is always the first thing I need to do. Not only does it help to clear my mind of other projects spilling out over my desk, it also gives me space to swing books, rulers and arms when needed to achieve the right angle. A drink to hand is a must for me but I keep it well out of the swinging arc and preferably on another table.

You need a picture which fulfills the following requirements:. How many pages exactly you will need depends on your picture - a wide picture needs more pages than a thin one and a detailed picture needs more pages than a very simple one. If you want to know the optimal width to height ratio for your picture, put your book upright and fan out its pages. When you make a pattern using this web site, your image data or settings will not be transmitted via the internet, as all processing will be done within your web browser. Take a look at the pattern preview. If the alternation of the pages looks wrong, try starting at another even page of your book for example, if the first even page number is 4, try 6 next time.

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Do you enjoy the excitement of a new craft project?, You will require a book with a minimum of Pages and a least 21cm in height. Create your own stunning book art with this book folding pattern created by Cheryl JB, the worlds first Bookami Designer!

If you've got a taller book or a book with more pages, it will work fine. The extra pages can be removed afterwards. Do not use a shorter book. The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of card the same size as the page, minus 1. Place the ruler along the length of the book furthest from you, move along the ruler to mark all the measurements needed for that page, without moving the ruler. Where there are 2 measurements the same this is a normal occurrence with cut and fold patterns , simply move the second by 1mm.


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  1. Totally FREE Cut and Fold Patterns will help you start the art of book folding with ease. Grab a FREE PDF and start your journey into book folding today!.

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