Relationship between internet and world wide web pdf

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relationship between internet and world wide web pdf

The Differences Between the Internet and the Web - Webopedia

The Internet began as a U. S Department of Defense network to link scientists and university professors around the world. A network of networks, today, the Internet serves as a global data communications system that links millions of private, public, academic and business networks via an international telecommunications backbone that consists of various electronic and optical networking technologies. Decentralized by design, no one owns the Internet and it has no central governing authority. As a creation of the Defense Department for sharing research data, this lack of centralization was intentional to make it less vulnerable to wartime or terrorist attacks. The Internet is a vast hardware and software infrastructure that enables computer interconnectivity. The Web, on the other hand, is a massive hypermedia database — a myriad collection of documents and other resources interconnected by hyperlinks.
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Internet vs Web as Fast As Possible

A Brief Guide to the History of the Internet

To answer this question, let's look at each element. And since the Internet seems to be the more easily understood component, let's start there. Simply, the Internet is a network of networks — and there are all kinds of networks in all kinds of sizes. You may have a computer network at your work, at your school or even one at your house. These networks are often connected to each other in different configurations, which is how you get groupings such as local area networks LAN s and regional networks. Your cell phone is also on a network that is considered part of the Internet, as are many of your other electronic devices.

daughter browses the World Wide Web (WWW1 or Web1) to computers, which have a full-time connection to the Internet. Typically charging a monthly fee.
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By Jayne Miller Aug 23, Happy Internaut Day! On August 23, , users accessed the World Wide Web for the first time, paving the way for the internet that we turn to for the latest and greatest cat gifs. To start, the internet is bigger. Much bigger. It's actually a network of networks, connecting millions of computers around the globe. Any of these computers can communicate with one another, so long as each machine is connected to the Internet.

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  1. 4 Describe the purpose of an IP address and its relationship to a domain name. 5 Explain the Chapter 2 The Internet and World Wide Web View, navigate, and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files — documents.

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