List of oceans and seas in the world pdf

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list of oceans and seas in the world pdf


This is a list of seas — large divisions of the World Ocean , including areas of water, variously gulfs, bights, bays, and straits. There are several terms used for bulges of ocean that result from indentations of land, which overlap in definition, and which are not consistently differentiated: [10]. Many features could be considered to be more than one of these, and all of these terms are used in place names inconsistently; especially bays, gulfs, and bights, which can be very large or very small. This list includes large areas of water no matter the term used in the name. Sources differ over which seas are considered marginal seas as well as which ocean a given sea is considered a marginal part of.
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For many years only four oceans were officially recognized, and then in the spring of , the International Hydrographic Organization established the Southern Ocean by determining its limits. Those limits include all water below 60 degrees south, and some of it, like the Arctic Ocean, is frozen. The world ocean is the principal component of Earth's hydrosphere, it is integral to all known life, forms part of the carbon cycle, and influences climate and weather patterns. The world ocean is the habitat of , known species, but because much of it is unexplored, the number of species that exist is much larger, possibly over two million. The origin of Earth's oceans remains unknown; oceans are thought to have formed in the Hadean period and may have been the impetus for the emergence of life. Though generally described as several separate oceans, these waters comprise one global, interconnected body of salt water sometimes referred to as the World Ocean or global ocean.

By Craig Amerigian , Michael Ledbetter. Several centuries ago the "seven seas" were considered the navigable oceans. At present, however, oceanographers consider all other oceans and seas as belonging to the Atlantic, Pacific, or Indian oceans. These, in turn, have their own marginal bays and seas. Many other large bodies of water have been designated as seas, but all are marginal to the great oceans. Marginal seas differ from the major oceans primarily in size, but also in depth and bottom topography.



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