Which bob books to start with

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which bob books to start with

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Bob Books are simple readers that start with 3 letter words. They allow the child to complete an entire lesson by him or herself, thereby developing confidence. The books are sized to allow children to hold them comfortably as they read. The books come in sets for each level. Before investing in any homeschooling resources, please read " How to Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum. Reviews are solely the opinions of the contributor. Links to the publisher website above may contain affiliate links.
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Bob Books- First Stories, books 1-4(レベル2 1ー4冊目)

I know that I am going to get some major flack for this post. Especially primary teachers and parents who want to help their child learn to read which both can describe me.

FREE Lesson Plans and Outlines for BOB Books {Set 1-5}

In the sets you get just the books in their mini form. In the collections you get TWO sets of books in large format, sheets of stickers to go with the books, and some other little stuff like a bookmark, door hanger, etc…. Notice in my list that Collection 6 comes before Collection 2. This is correct, do not let the numbers confuse you. As far as I can tell, Collection 6 comes in between 1 and 2 and there is no Collection 4 or Collection 5. Weird, right?

Please note that this is the way I would use all the printables. I just want to offer it to my readers since I am asked so often. BOB Books are decodable readers, which means the author chooses a certain phonics feature and controls the words using that feature. As the Sets get higher in number, the phonics features and word choices progress with the reader. Thousands of families and schools have used and still use BOB Books to help young readers learn basic sight words and decoding. Join thousands of other subscribers to get hands-on activities and printables delivered right to your inbox! Welcome Blog Shop Learning Apps.

Bob Book SETS are mini books and include one set of Bob Books which teach a using words that begin with each letter—not unlike other books I already own.
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"Bob Books made our children into avid readers. Best investment I ever made."

When my boys were each learning to read, the responsibility of finding just the right books to help them learn and eventually succeed at reading was…well, a bit intimidating. While there is no one magic book that helps kids turn the corner and read instantly, it is a process with very real stages and steps. I happened upon the Bob Books sets and I have to say that of all of the different early reader series we read at home together, Bob Books really helped both of my boys learn to read. When they were first learning to read, I was experimenting with all kinds of new books that would hopefully be easy enough for them and I was doing my best to try to map what they were reading at home to the kinds of books they were reading in school. Soon thereafter, I went out and purchased all 5 boxed sets and this is why:. So, giving your children LOTS of time to engage with books that are easy for them to read helps build their confidence.



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